C04台灣前衛文件展 – Co4 taiwan avant-garde documenta II

In another Friday of art overdose, the 大趨勢畫廊 Main Trend Gallery played host to the opening of C04台灣前衛文件展 – Co4 taiwan avant-garde documenta II, and to their exhibition Media Cramp, curated by Yuan Goang-ming. Co4 is being run out of several galleries and venues across Taipei for the next couple of weeks, including down at 華山創意文化園區 Huashan.

The main theme of the C04 Taiwan Avant-garde Documenta, Nexus-next to us, includes seven subtopics and seven venues. C04 is the code word of the exhibition. Among the venues, the Silian Building in Hua Shan Cultural and Creative Industry Center will be holding Art.Sold.Exposition, C04, curated by Szu-Hsien LI and Fantasy and Object, hosted by Gu Zhenqing. The former belongs to one of the six subtopics while the later is formed by the artworks through selection opened to public.

Art.Sold.Exposition, C04 brings up that modern art, since developed from “high art”to pop art, became nothing but a bipolar predicament, then, creating obscure demarcation of art categories, and enhancing the difficulty for the public to understand the real essence of art. Some younger artists even hastily appropriate parts of the art behaviors of masters in art history, making artworks, which are seemly appalling but in-fact nothing, in the name of Art. Based on such point of view, Art.Sold.Exposition, C04, nonetheless, will reshape the perception that art is charismatic and fascinating.

As opposed to the curated theme-setting of Art.Sold.Exposition, C04, Fantasy and Object is the main theme decided by independent curator Gu Zhenqing, after selecting 21 works out of 132 participants. Artists’Submissions means a lot for Taiwan Avant-garde Documenta. Unlike the previous C02, artists’submissions is planed and justified by internationally renown, Mainland China based curator Gu Zhenqing. Through his angle, hopefully, comes up possibilities of various discourses for Taiwan contemporary art.

There are other five theme exhibitions in C04, such as Petting Creature Liberation curated by Mei Ting-yen and held at the Administration Building of Taipei County, State in Progress-Penetration and Connection by Chang Hui-lan at National Cultural Association and National Taipei Teachers College Arts Center, Leisure, Celebration, Blessing by Pan Hsiao-hsueh at Soochow University (Downtown Campus), Media Cramp by Yuan Goang-ming at Main Trend Gallery, Lost Words by Wang Pin-hua at Hong-Gah Museum.