x-cube the manolo blahnik of climbing shoes

After 18 months and four resoles in a pair of Boreal Stingers I purchased in Toronto, the last resole did them in. They still have a special place in my almost daily climbing, but yesterday I bought a pair of shiny, new, painfully tight orange and yellow Red Chili X-Cube. Weee!!! climbing heaven. I’m off to continue wearing them out, and now I’ve discovered all the inner-city bouldering spots in Taipei, the two weeks until I leave is gonna fly.

Combining the convenience of velcro with the weight and feel of a slipper the X-cube is a shoe built for hardcore. An instant classic this superb shoe sets a standard in fit and performance for all other velcros to follow.

New for 2004 the X-cube features: a new last with lower volume forefoot, this “locks” the foot in the sharp asymmetric toe profile to give immense confidence on even the smallest pockets, smears or scrapes; a wider entry with super comfy cushioned foam and a smaller, reshaped slingshot that really hugs the heel. Team feedback meant we added rubber over the toe for hardcore boulders and comp climbing to give extra bite for “frogging” or the tiniest of toe scrubs and a new light midsole simply adds to the amazing “feel” of this shoe.

This is a shoe that works superbly as sporrts or extreme all raounder but really comes into its own as a bouldering shoe “par excellance” for outdoors, indoors or the “woody”.