territories at para/site

Para/Site Art Space new gallery in Hong Kong has just celebrated its opening with the multi-media installations of Hong Kong-based French Architects Laurent Gutierrez + Valerie Portefaix, Territories, covered in NonStarving Artists this week.

Territories presents a large scale, dense, fast, panorama of urban development and architectural structures in China. The expression of this new spatial condition related to the notion of development, is clearly embedded in specific cycles of production and distribution.

Territories explores these dynamic and multi-dimensional forces that quickly spread across the surface of the territory. These characteristics, visible traces marking the land, appear as paradigms of contemporary civilization, and are evident in the simple inventory of a commodified society labeled ‘Made in China’.

For Territories, the Pearl River Delta region functions as an important focal point for the display of current processes of spatial production. This territory is made of unrelated fragments of urbanism, each ignoring the conditions of its surrounding. Each fragment forms an island; determined and transformed autonomously. These islands are programmatically independent; they may receive a concentration of a particular building type or a mix of various functions depending on their particular conditions.