Fiction.Love opened a couple of weeks ago at 台北當代藝術館 Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art, and got a bit of a pasting in the Taipei Times on the weekend.

Fiction.Love Ultra New Vision in Contemporary Art is the grammatically challenged title of the exhibition currently on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art that asks in its press release, “Are comics and animation becoming new art forms?” and strangely enough, doesn’t even bother to answer its own question.

A total of 39 artists, mostly from Japan and Taiwan, are included in this show that is heavy on paintings and light on narrative. However, despite its faults (and there are quite a few), the exhibition is definitely a crowd pleaser, where one can roam about the gallery space looking at cutesy and glittery imagery without having to think too much.

There is an unevenness in quality, as museum-level artists are shown next to artists barely one step above student level. However, that unevenness seems to work for itself and gives off a fresh energy, as evidenced by the enjoyment of the high-density audience on opening day.

The whole thing is now online at Fiction.Love and there’s some pretty cool stuff, alot of fairly standard, nothing special filler, some utter crap and the occasional piece of genius, like kato mika.