vincent gallo – the brown bunny

Hero of Buffalo 66, Vincent Gallo, who single-handedly resurrected 70’s prog-rockers Yes has just had his new film The Brown Bunny, which was called “the worst film in the history of Cannes Film Festival” premiere in America on August 27. The reporter who bagged it out, whom Gallo put a hex on to get colon cancer, interviewed him a couple of days ago.

“The Brown Bunny” (opening Friday at Landmark Century) involves several days in the life of a motorcycle racer named Bud Clay, who loses a race and drives his van cross-country while bugs collect on the windshield and he has sad, elusive encounters with lonely women. At the end of his odyssey, he seeks out his great former love Daisy (Chloe Sevigny) and, like Gatsby, discovers that the light is out at the end of Daisy’s pier.

“Did you know the lead-up to Cannes?” Gallo asked. “Did you know why it was shown at Cannes? Did you know what state it was in?”


“I got involved in the film in a sacrificial way, beyond my normal self-abuse — like not eating, not sleeping, freaking out about unimportant things. Like I had to use these Mitchell lenses, these Bausch & Lomb lenses, but I had to have them converted, and it took a year. I was bringing all my good and bad habits into this project.”