first posts

Single Planet celebrates one year in Blogistan with a post on the first posts of many of the Chinese blog mafia in chronological order, all the way back to Peking Duck, one of the earlist blogs coming out of China.

The oldest China English language blog has only just celebrated its 2nd birthday a few months back, and most are less than eighteen months old. Around the world, most blogs started in the same period: blogging is still young – they just seem to have been with us for ever.


In China, the blog mafia set stuttered, tiptoed or exploded into business back in late 2002 and early 2003 (when sitting at home in front of a PC was good for your health), with the whole spectrum of opinion on China, the universe and everything now available from your armchair anywhere in the world.

Blog on, and if you haven’t started blogging yet, get started. There is no right or wrong way or style. It’s just about you. Blog on whatever, however…