signal to noise

After receiving 50 beautiful invitations to all kinds of … ummm… interesting group events in my comments this morning, possibly because of the previous entry being a beacon to this kind of spam, I’ve decided to turn comments off.

As much as I love spam, and think it is a truly under-rated art-form which will one day be seen for its avant-garde heart, I would rather spend my time doing things other than de-spamming. Even with MT-Blacklist installed, all it takes is one concentrated couple of seconds of carpet-bombing and my inbox is squealing like a pig.

As i don’t get many comments, and the nature of this site at the moment isn’t really aiming to have lengthy comment discussions, I’d rather not bother with the hassle. So, if you really want to comment on something, email me.

[edit] Well that was pointless. I got spammed just as hard the next day. It’s funny in a post-modern way. So until I have a spare afternoon to follow all the MT Forum suggestions for avoiding spam which involve the coding equivalent of changing an leaky washer… or something… comments are open. Woohoo. Party. what a pointless post.