korean punk

Asia Pacific Arts wrote about the punk scene in Korea a couple of weeks ago, and the scene around Skunk Label and koreanpunk.tk.

So then, like mold in a dark, damp room, punk rock grew in Korea during the 1990s. In a country recovering from a major civil war, decades of colonization, dependency on major powers, conforming Confucianism, Korea is finally taking its stand. The very existence of punk rock is proof that this is true. Of course, Korean punk rock is no exception to marketing,
mainstream pop culture and/or ‘selling out’ (whatever the f-ck that really means). But, you can’t miss the few and bold who keep the music alive. Rebellion! Freedom! Independence! Passion!

If you want a proper introduction to Korean punk, check out We Are the Punx in Korea compilation album at: www.koreanpunk.tk which includes bands RUX, 18 Cruk, Captain Bois and many more!

From August 2002, this compilation album was made by the bands in Korea. The purpose of this compilation is to rebuild our club and further to expand our Korean punk scene. We want to let more people from the world to know more about the Korean local scene, produce good bands and passionate minded punks.

We do not want this album to be criticized by the quality of music or any other sphere. We just hope that at least some people can listen to this album and enjoy.