halo 2 – i love bees

In early 2001, somehow I slipped into the very strange world of A.i. the online multi-player game which was in effect a meme to promote the Kubrick/Spielburg movie of the same name, though had little in common. Over the next few months, I wasted many hours in that world, and in the Cloudmakers Group, trying to follow the game play, reading 100s of emails a day, and somehow as a result becoming totally hooked on web-design or more accurately net-art. I even got a special poster for the game-players with my name on it. Today it started again.

Well a little while ago actually, not like I have checked in to the group for maybe a year or two, but in my trawls across internet-land today, I came across i love bees, which appeared as a blink at the end of the movie trailer for Halo 2, which I was playing until a couple of days ago when 550mhz powerbook just didn’t have the required grunt to keep the fps ticking over, and shortly after having finished all the Iain M. Banks culture books, from which Halo draws many of its themes.

So it looks like the same crew behind A.i., The Beast and The Puppetmasters are at it again. It had an immediately familiar feel, the movie teaser, the hacked websites, even the old crew at cloudmakers are getting excited. If I’m going down the rabiit hole again, it looks like this is the place to go.