I’ve been rehearsing my new work for the last two weeks, extermination, which opens on August 5th at Dancehouse

extermination is a meditation on Jean Baudrillard’s book Symbolic Exchange and Death; on bodies that are models, robots, animals, corpses; on heavy metal, Motorhead and Slayer; on clothes, costumes, makeup, underwear, and shoes, and every kind of bad behaviour; On Goya and Disasters of War, the death of God, the end of civilisation; on bodies beyond morality, betray, seduce, kill, undress; The collective insanity of delinquent groups filled with indescribable euphoria, an out-of-control blindness, completely certain of what they do.

For people in Melbourne, here are the details, for people outside Melbourne, the work will be on zero|ballet, my website for my performances sometime mid-August.

choreographed by Frances d’Ath
danced by Jo Lloyd, Emily Kerr, Gypsy Luke-Wood, Lou Hartman, Gala Moody
lit by John Dutton
set by Hamish Bartle
dressed by Danielle Harrison
filmed by Paul WIlliams

aug 5 thurs – preview 8pm
aug 6 fri – opening 8pm
aug 7 sat – 8pm
aug 8 sun – 6:30pm
aug 12 thurs – 8pm
aug 13 fri – late show 9:30pm
aug 14 sat – late show 9:30pm
aug 15 sun – 6:30pm

150 Princes St
North Carlton
VIC 3054

Bookings + info: (03) 9347 2860

supported by:
Arts Victoria
Besen Family Foundation
The Space