we love harisu

With Miriam giving Big Brother something to talk about before Merlin Luck taped his mouth shut in protest over imprisoned refugees in Australia (to which the Minister of something-or-other Amanda ‘Jabba The Hutt’ Vanstone in a gem of dissembling retorted “There are no refugees in detention centres” – priceless), it’s now over to Korean transsexual to make some real post-modern news.

From June 16 till 27, she will be the resident sex councillor at Yahoo! Korea, and following that she’s on to even better things. Next month, in a stroke of advertising genius she will be on tv and in the magazines advertising tampons for UTF.

She’ll get a guaranteed W100 million an ad for three months. The selection of Harisu, a transsexual, as the model for menstrual pads is setting the advertising world on fire.

Up till now, male stars like Go Su and Gam U-seong have appeared in sanitary napkin ads, but never has a transgender individual appeared in an ad for such a feminine product. The Taiwanese firm UFT really tried hard to cast Harisu in its ads. In fact, when the singer first learned what the company wanted her to market, she was quite hesitant to agree to the project.

UFT, however, explained that the sanitary pads are a cutting-edge product that not only gives women that spring-fresh feeling, but also prevents menstrual cramps. Hearing this, the singer eventually accepted the offer.