Baiyun airport

I like a good airport, especially because I don’t have to good fortune to belong to any airport club where i can get all those cool executive things. Number one for me at the moment is Seoul, which from my one experience in a Qantas club (feeling like an janitor in a boardroom meeting) is the closest thing to heaven an airport can be. Big mezzanine lounges, free internet, lots of places to lie and sleep waiting for transfers. Lowest on my list in Heathrow, which is an utter miserable dump.

Baiyun International Airport, wedged firmly in the armpit of Baiyun Mountain is an equal of Ho Chi Min / Saigon, international in that old shabby 1960s military way. Actually 7 decades old, it closes this month as Chek Lap Cock in Hong Kong gets a contender for number one airport. Or maybe that’s wishful Pearl River thinking. Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting off the plane and riding the subway right into town.