amanda in taiwan

Adelaide choreographer Amanda Phillips has just left for Taiwan, where she’ll be making a new work on Cloudgate2 for the opening of the International Dance Conference 2004 on July 30. We’ve been emailing, as superstar dancer Gypsy Luke-wood is our mutual friend, and we’re all DanceWEB groupies.

Amanda Phillip is one of four Asia-Pacific young choreographers who will present a new work at the commencement of the 2004 International Dance Conference, hosted by Taiwan’s Cloudgate Dance Theatre’s second company Cloudgate2.

Phillips, from South Australia, was selected from a national field of choreographers and then from a further pool of applicants from the Asia-Pacific region by an international panel formed by the World Dance Alliance.

Already an internationally recognised award winning young choreographer, Phillips’ latest achievement, in uncertain times for independent dancers and choreographers in Australia, confirms the significantly real value and impact individual Australian dance artists are making on the international arena.

All four choreographers will work with Taiwan’s internationally renowned Cloudgate Dance Theatre’s second company Cloudgate2, which is hosting the event.

Phillips says of this great opportunity, “to learn and be inspired by another culture is a rare kind of nurturing – offering a level of support and welcome that is irreplaceable in terms of choreographic research, creative and professional development.”

Ausdance National Executive Julie Dyson believes Phillips will “represent her country in an outstanding manner, both artistically and diplomatically.”