Wenders, Xue, Laib at 广东美术馆 GDMoA

Beijing has 大山子艺术节 Dashanzi Yishu Jie – Dashanzi Art Festival at 798 Group Factories, Guangzhou is also going art-crazy this week. The 广东美术馆 Guangdong Museum of Art currently has the works of filmmaker Wim Wenders, installation artist Wolfgang Laib, and local artist Xue Jiye.

Wenders director of films Paris, Texas and Wings of Desire is touring his exhibition Pictures From the Surface of the World, which began as locations shots for his films and became photographic landscapes in their own right. Laib, who began studying medicine before moving into sculpture works with organic materials, pollen, beeswax, rice which make impermanent objects that have to be recreated each time they fall apart. His work Gold Pyramid is exhibited as part of Passageway-Overgoing. And Xue Jiye, winner of silver medal at the Guangdong Contemporary Oil Paintings Exhibit in 2003 has his sculpture Man Looking at the Sky.

The GDMoA website is not very informative beyond naming the artists and exhibition dates, but That’s Guangzhou – Events gives a bit more info.