Topologies of the Instant – n+n corsino

N+N Corsino are two French choreographers from Marseille. or one choreographer and one mathematician, who don’t make dance in theatres, and spend more time making geographic art in computers and film. Topologies of the Instant, their nine-video installation has been touring China for much of the year, and rolls into Hong Kong at the Museum of Art this weekend.

All their works, whatever form and appearance they may take, are born out of movement and return to it. In their “scenographies”, screens move, images fade away, and the text can be a continuous or fragmented flow of appearances and disappearances. Life and death are depicted through a series of fictional creations built on literary, philosophical and geographical allusions. The same narrative thread runs through from one scenography to the next: movement goes beyond the body, then the image, then the frame, eluding all attempts to fix it in one place. Recording it is a further opportunity to verify that movement creates movement in a perpetual process of selfgeneration. Captured by the camera, virtualized by digital tools, orchestrated by scenographic devices, the movements of bodies and landscapes nurture a story without plot, a story of life and of blood, circulating, except that it borrows cold or golden colours – or even blacks and exceptionally luminous whites – from the artists’ imagination.In “Topologies of the Instant”, nine monumental video installations, they attempt to redefine the regions of the body. By applying modelling technology to the human body, interactivity and movement is again a theme in this piece.

One of their tools is Lifeforms animation and motion-capture software, most notably used by Merce Cunningham, with whom they share a common aesthetic. I saw their work in Guangzhou a while ago, which combined computer-generated movement with gaming architecture. Alot of choreographers are jumping on the new-media wagon, and getting away with slapping up a video projection of bad animation because compared to say, Blast Theory, mixed-reality in dance is still at a very undeveloped and uncritical stage. Choreographically, n+n corsino didn’t blow me away, but their installations are sublime. and the maturity of their understanding of performance and technology is outstanding.