Google – turning news into art

Google is becoming a bit like an Iain M. Banks’ Culture Mind, sucking in information at such an incomprehensible rate, and adding to a database of unsearchable proportions. Perfect terrain for art to make sense out of. There have been lots of net-art projects recently that use Google’s ecosystem as the data source, and several of them focus exclusively on the news feeds where relevance is the poor second child to quantity.

newsmap won the ars electronica International Competition for CyberArts this year.

Newsmap is an application that depicts the permanently changing map of Google news. A visualization algorithm produces a visual representation of the enormous quantity of information gathered by Google. Beyond that, the graphic depiction enables users to get a quick overview of breaking international news and, in doing so, provides background information on its distribution and how it is processed further, and sheds light on the mechanisms of news production on a global level.

TooGle is similar but with pictures.

TooGle is a parser over the net focused on the most famous search engine of the net. When it runs, it gets the latest news of the biggest aggregator of news and it uses each word of the title to retrieve an images sequence from the largest container of images over the net. The result will be a short movie that use the words of the news, the images gotten and the log generated during the parsing.
The animated sequence is not time based; due random algorithm, the original frames will become remixed even more.
After a bit of time the result will become an unreadable sequence, an unreadable news… there will be news no more.

googlehouse makes information overload a house you can come home to. The house real-time construction with walls, rooms, drawn from images sucked from the google image search engine.