Carnivore beta for OSX have released the carnivorePE for apple OSX.

CarnivorePE is inspired by DCS1000, a piece of software used by the FBI to perform electronic wiretaps. (Until recently, DCS1000 was known by its nickname “Carnivore.”) Improving on the FBI software, CarnivorePE features new functionality including: artist-made diagnosic clients, remote access, full subject targetting, full data targetting, volume buffering, transport protocol filtering, and an open source software license. Carnivore is created by RSG.

Carnivore has been exhibited at New York Digital Salon, University of Michigan Gallery, DEAF, Eyebeam, Ars Electronica Center, Electrohype, Art Futura, Darklight Digital Film Festival, The Watson Institute, NTT InterCommunication Center, White Columns, New Museum, Kontrollfelder, Illinois State University Galleries, Transmediale, and the Princeton Art Museum. Carnivore was a Golden Nica winner in the 2002 Prix Ars Electronica.