beauty pageant cries “just say no”

110 000 kuai and plenty of knife work wasn’t enough to buy Yang Yuan a place in the Beijing leg of the 2004 Miss Intercontinental beauty pageant. Not trying to hustle her way in with the help of local gangsters, she was banned instead for being a 人造美女 renzao meinu, a ‘man-made beauty’. In a couple of months where women have been trashed for having asymmetric breasts, and the BBC breathlessly follow a young woman as she has her legs broken and stretched 4 inches to bring her height in line with her ability, all of a sudden there is an outbreak of moral standards.

In a one-liner worthy of Jean Baudrillard, she says:

‘Who isn’t artificial in some ways?’ asks the svelte freelance model, after being thrown out of a prestigious beauty contest for going under the knife 11 times to improve her looks.

She told The Straits Times: ‘This is no different from using make-up, I’m just trying to look better.

She is now planning on suing the contest for ‘discrimination’, well if you can’t get democracy, get plastic surgery. Besides the glycerol tears, she is now a dead-ringer for a friend of mine.