I thought that like when I was doing XML for Flash, I could just write the Chinese characters in a text-editor, copy-paste into a new entry and everything would be fine. Nope.

So I checked out a bunch of blogs with both Chinese and english, and saw all the stuff that looked like “19981;”, and then spent a whole day working out what it was (unicode) what that format – decimal unicode – was called: H4, and how it differed from hex unicode.

Anyway, after writing in Chinese, finding the unicode number, doing it all by hand, I found UnicodeChecker. It’s like finding you don’t have to spend 2 hours travelling to work every day because there’s a tunnel in your room that takes you all the way there in an instant. Just type it in in Chinese – or any other language, click a button and it’s all converted. Then just copy + paste.

UnicodeChecker, my hero.