This is why we’re in power and you’re not

The Standing Committee of China’s parliament insane dictatorship, the National People’s Congress ruled today that Hong Kong will not have direct elections in 2007, making a mockery of the Basic Law. The new ruling effectively denies Hong Kong citizens the right to appoint a democratically elected successor to the risible Tung Chee-hwa in 2007 and all law-makers the following year.

With the Basic Law now little more than fancy toilet paper, democracy has become a fanciful notion bearing no relation to reality, as an endless stream of power-addicted officials pay lip service to the idea and hamstring any likelihood of its realization in the next few years.

Associated Press today reported Hong Kong delegate to the Standing Committee

Tsang Hin-chi said the Chinese lawmakers had acted “according to Hong Kong’s actual situation” and that they had listened to Hong Kong public opinion.

Hong Kong lawmaker Fred Li accused Beijing of “dictating Hong Kong policy” without regard to public opinion. Li said the decision violated Beijing’s promise to give Hong Kong a great deal of autonomy when it was returned from Britain to China in 1997.

So Hong Kong has become another jewel in the imperial crown of Cina, just like Tibet, just like Xinjiang, and just like they want to do with Taiwan. One country two systems? More like a knife in the back.