The Other Path – Landscape Initiatives project

Geri Wittig presented an overview of the C5 Landscape Initiative project at Beijing’s China Central Academy of Fine Arts yesterday. The presentation came at the end of her trek of the Great Wall, gathering GS data for The Other Path

By creating a data model of this historically significant path we plan to develop a pattern matching search procedure for locating the most similar data model in the Landscape. Based on archeological geophysics C5 will use GPS, DEM and Spatial Imaging technology to create databases of the 3D character of the paths and a model of the environment in which they are situated. By searching various GIS databases C5 will identify the most similar terrain in California, on the tranverse edge of the Pacific Rim. A C5 team will be dispatched to collect data and documentation from both the originating path in China and the other path in California using 3D-image capture and GPS measurement data. The installation will include interactive computer visualization of the paths, comparative analysis of the matching terrain models, photo and video documentation and 3D-object fabrication of the paths as sculptural objects.