SARS prevented by group showers

In the renewed fight against SARS, the propaganda posters from the Cultural Revolution have been put to good use. Maybe something is lost in the translation, perhaps the writer didn’t realise the significance of shouting “Spray! Spray it all!” while having a group shower to scrub clean. With a bunch of army boys. And a bar of soap.

Or maybe because in that picture the pump is causing a veritable geyser to seem to emanate from his proletarian crotch the writer knows all too well the joys of a group shower a dropped bar of soap and SARS is just another cardboard storyline for everyone getting their gear off in People’s Liberation Army Anal Gang-Bang Volume 6: The SARS years

Read from left to right, top to bottom.

1. Comrades! Bad News! SARS is here!
2: How could this happen? What can we do? 3. What’s to fear? I’ve got a gun!
4. Won’t work! The enemy is crafty. Guns won’t work! (other guy) Hey, what about grenades?
5. No go! SARS is only afraid of disinfectant! 6. But we’ve got none!
7. Brothers, Chill! First of all, we must pay attention to hygiene to prevent SARS.
8. Right! Bathe! Wash! (other caption) Hey, where’s the soap? 9. And don’t forget to wear a mask!
10. Good thinking! I’m off to put up posters to tell everyone to wear a mask!
11. Comrades! The disinfectant is here!
12. Excellent! we’ve washed so much, we’ve taken off a layer of skin!
13. Spray! Spray it all!
14. ‘Victory!’ ‘We have defeated SARS.’ ‘Great!, as a matter of fact, I hate washing.’ ‘No more masks, no more anti-rash powder!’ ‘Now we can eat whatever we want!