Poison & chemical deaths in China

China has a pretty piss-weak workers’ safety record, but is it just me or have the last couple of weeks been rife with some of the world’s favourite toxins? Hot on the heels of olymipic pool quantities of Chlorine sloshing around Chongqing, Xinhuanet reports on twenty-one particularly nasty ways to die in the last week.

The latest was a hydrogen cyanide gas leak on Tuesday from a gold mining plant in Beijing’s suburban district of Huairou that killed three people and left another 15 hospitalized.

Another six fatal leakage included Wednesday’s explosion of a toluene reaction facility in a pharmaceutical plant in Taizhou City in Zhejiang Province, east China, in which two were killed.

Nine people were killed on April 16 by blasts in the wake of a chlorine gas leak at Tianyuan Chemical Industry Plant in Jiangbei district of southwestern Chongqing Municipality.

A poisoning accident at a privately-owned refinery in Maoming City in Guangdong province, south China, left three people dead on April 19.

On April 20, an oil tanker at the Nanjing section of the Yangtze River in Jiangsu Province, east China, exploded when it was being serviced, killing two people.

On the same day, two people were killed in an explosion at Jihua Group Company in Jilin Province, northeast China, and a leak of waste chlorine in Jiangxi Axunge Plant also left many injured.

Funnily enough, insufficient safety measures and outdated equipment have been blamed.