nobody moves and nobody gets hurt

[Edit 2019-11-10]
A proper, current ‘About’ page, ’cos this one is more historical document and while I recognise it as one variation of my history, I am ambivalent about the public version I presented then.

[Edit several years before 2019]
I don’t really like this entry, but the authenticist in me can’t bring myself to re-write it…

The original entry: …

This all started two years ago. I’d just made my first web-site to put my choreography up on the net zeroballet, and had gone from computer illiterate to being funded by The Ian Potter Foundation to develop computer-generated choreography in the space of six months, and I was just about to jump on a plane. AsiaLink had awarded me a Performing Arts Residency to the Guangdong Modern Dance Company to make a work for their 10th anniversary.

So I was on a plane to China, the one country I’d been wanting to go to for years, ever since reading Deleuze + Guattari’s 1000 Plateaus – Capitalism and Schizophrenia in 1994. Kind of circuitous connection, but there it is. The chapter/plateau on Nomadology got me obsessed with Central Asian History, the Silk Route, and then more and more China itself, as well as being one of the primary influence on my choreography until Jean Baudrillard came along.

What started out as emails to friends of the unbelievably good food in Guangzhou, (yes, the yalamian in shaheding is the best in the world and worth flying there for just one bowl) and continued on my website as infrequent news became something more. The China I’d read about in books, its culture, history, geology, politics, was nothing like the China I found when my plane landed at Bai Yun Shan Feijichang in April 2002. It was, and is like going to another planet, where it is discovered there is a culture and world as sophisticated and complex as the one you have come from, but is both totally alien and naggingly familiar.

Since then, I’ve lived there on and off for much of the past two years, and also travelled to Europe, and back to Toronto, Canada where I was born. Pretty fun for someone who started dancing at 19 in New Zealand after being totally blown away by the Frankfurt Ballet, while playing in bands, making performance art and starting a degree in musicology and philosophy, and who graduated three years ago from Victorian College of the Arts, in Melbourne, Australia.

I’m not sure of the point of having a blog, it seemed like a fun idea, to learn how to put it together, and my daily reading of other people’s blogs was an influence, as well as my own writing and obsessive note-taking when making art. So, maybe the thrill will last only weeks before i get sidetracked by dancing climbing biking something new, or maybe it will be somewhere I keep my life when it slips out of my head and out of my memory.

So, Frances is a tall dancer/choreographer, born in Toronto, Canada to a South African/Turkish father and New Zealand/Aotearoa mother. Frances likes rock-climbing and cycling recklessly every day, and has an interest in computers, history of philosophy of science, earth sciences, and asian history. Frances is currently listening to The Pixies, going to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind fukkin Christ, The Pixies? Eternal Sunshine? That’s some embarrassing 2004 shit right there. Currently listening to black metal and Central Asian classical, watching Empire, and Legend of Korra.

[edit] oh… and supernaut? Well, I made a piece a couple of years ago to Black Sabbath – the track Supernaut on Volume 4 with Tony Iommi’s amazing guitar riff. The piece had legs, and got performed alot. Then when i started to get into the whole net-art thing, i needed a screen-name. supernaut wasn’t really the best or any choice, just the only good one I could think of. So it stuck, and like the work, has legs.

And I Whore for Art? Lets shag ass.